Here in 2017, our priorities are:

Share efforts around the growing problem of plastic pollution by establishing a network of Participatory Observatories



Analyze how knowledge, in all its dimensions, may be mobilized to foster coastal adaptation to climate change



Reconnect our split societies through working within a transdisciplinary research&action group of Arts & Sciences & Politics



In the past several years, we happily participated in some common actions:

.  Like the Rio+20 "Coastal Zones: 21st Century Challenges" Working Group, where more than 100 of Us made a nice step forward, leading to the recent publication, "Coastal Zones: Solutions for the 21st Century".

.  And, after the formation of the organizing board and scientific committee for the first International Conference on Microplastics,  we are working in MICRO 2018 that will be held on the marvelous island of Lanzarote.

.  Please send us a message through the Facebook Group if you would like additional information, or to share what you consider important.